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 Three card service voucher for farm card loader
I. important content
1, for your better use of Lu Yu brand agricultural loaders, give full play to the superior performance of agricultural loaders, you must carefully read the "instructions"!
2, for your personal and property safety, please be sure to read and strictly abide by the safety rules in the instructions!
3, when you need three packages of service, please also produce the three package of service documents and purchase invoices, product certification.
4, the proof of a machine in one volume, no loss supplement, and shall not be lent, altered, or it may affect you to enjoy the normal three packs of services!
Two, service procedures
1. You have the right to accept our high quality training in the Sales Office of Lu Yu company, you have the obligation to study seriously, master the correct operation skills, learn the necessary safety production knowledge.
2, the busy period, when you need service sales to our company at present for help, can also help to the company customer service service department.
3, when you put forward three package service requirements, please be sure to provide three package service certificate, purchase invoice, certificate.
4, when you finish slack during the maintenance of vehicles also need some service, please contact with sales department, so as not to delay the time.
Three and three package service regulations
Basis for compiling these Provisions
1. Provisions on the repair, replacement and return of agricultural machinery products
2. China made quality measurement method
3, Shandong road heavy machinery Co., Ltd. after-sales service policy.
Four, three package service principle
1, who sells, who services;
2, can repair, repair, mainly to repair;
3, the busy period due to quality problems can not be used normally, or collectively responsible for replacement parts repair.
Provisions of the five and three packs
1, the whole machine three packs validity period: Farm loader's three package period main part is 3 months (to purchase the invoice date as the standard), daily work according to 8 hours calculation.
Six, parts three packs
1, normal wear parts, wearing parts such as no three pack, in principle, rubber parts, seals, glass products, various filters, fuel oil, lubricating oil, cooling water, a copper sleeve and a pin shaft provided general specification of the electrical components and other consumables, wearing not three bags.
2, tire tire from the tumor, degumming and cracking phenomena such as in normal use period, should be the first tire manufacturer identified by the use of the degree of replacement, such as tire broken, damaged or inflated tire burst phenomenon caused by high pressure without replacement.
3, diesel engine, starting motor, generator warranty content and time limit according to the diesel engine manufacturer's regulations.
Seven and three package period calculation
The period of 1 and three packages shall be calculated from the date when the machine delivers the user.
2, for the resale of products, with the original purchase invoice and the relevant three package service voucher to enjoy three packages of treatment, three package period from the original invoice date of calculation.
3, for unable to provide valid certificate to prove the purchase time and dealer units, starting from the date of the machine.
4, product quality three package range
The company production of Lu Yu brand baler, in three period, users in strict accordance with product instructions in the correct operation, maintenance, maintenance, Lu Yu company commissioned service station identification if it is due to product quality and the occurrence of damage of components shall be treated in accordance with the provisions of three package.
Eight, according to the relevant provisions of the state, the following circumstances do not apply three package processing, can implement appropriate toll maintenance
1. Early wear and failure caused by improper use, maintenance and maintenance of users or beyond the scope of use specified in the instructions.
2. The failure caused by the user's disassembly, adjustment and modification of the user's manual does not allow the user to disassemble, adjust and refit the parts.
3, no three package service certificate and effective purchase invoice, but also can not prove its product in the three packet period fault.
4, three packages of service documents or invoices on product specifications, models and the required three packages of product specifications and models do not match, or vouchers (invoices) have been altered.
5, after the failure, did not maintain the original state of damage, or without the consent of the seller, repairer, dispose of their own, so that the cause of failure can not make technical appraisal.
6, found that the failure is not treated in time and continue to use secondary failure caused by.
7, due to driving without license, improper operation and resulting in traffic accidents and safety accidents, resulting in losses and caused by failure.
8, due to the use of substandard fuel oil, lubricating oil, cooling water, and not the original parts of the fault.
9 damage due to force majeure.
10, users use the three package of service documents, as the above terms have been read in detail, familiar with the content, willing to undertake the consequences and liabilities due to breach of this agreement.
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