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Lu Yu heavy loader series of products, are the best choice of the domestic and international best quality •accessories, reliable quality, in line with the needs of human nature unique fuel nozzle guide set, oiling is simple, easy to centralized grease •Fine pipe design, rationalization of the pipeline layout, beautiful and practical, easy to check and repair •Bucket, automatic flat, reduce the fatigue of the driver, single pump shunt, with priority sensing steering system, energy saving •Single lever control, reduce driving fatigue and improve work efficiency, four wheel clamp disc brake safety and reliability •Design, small turning radius, load sensing coaxial flow amplification, light, flexible and efficient. •Ideal operating speed and a 40 degree shift angle significantly improve work efficiency •International standard noise reduction technology, to protect the driver's physical and mental health, to ensure that the work efficiency •Industry leading cooling system to ensure continuous operation at high temperature.
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