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Shandong Luyu Heavy Industry Machinery Co., Ltd. located in Industrial Zone of Shahe town, Laizhou City and was established in 2005. Luyu is a leading enterprise in the field of replacing old growth drivers with new ones in Shandong province and the demonstration base for premium Digital intelligence factory of Laizhou.With 50million registered capital, Luyu possess 180,000 square meters workshops and leading intelligent production lines, Which includes 3 sets high-precision laser-cutting equipments, 30 welding robots for main frame, big arm and attachments which will be increased to 40 next year and multifunctional intelligence manufacturing equipments like machining centers etc.

Luyu always adheres to the concept of “science and technology lead to further development”, focuses on technological research, innovation and development.Luyu owned more than 30 national patents and is awarded as National new high-tech enterprise.The company now has 600 employees with over 80 technicians of them.

Luyu Heavy Industry Machinery specializes in manufacturing of compact wheel loaders, excavators, mini excavators, self-loading mixers, forklifts and other series of construction machinery.In order to meet market demands, Luyu has developed more than 100 products and hundreds of attachments.The main products are: Wood Grapple loader, Pallet Fork Loader, Grain Bucket Loader, Sugarcane Bucket Loader, Snow Blower loader, Sweeper loader, Snow grader loader, Concrete mixing bucket loader, Flat clamping loader, Piling loader, 360°Rotating grapple loader, Circular clamping loader, Long arm grapple loader, off-road fork loader, wheel excavator with sucker &wood grapple, 1.8T small excavator, forklift and self-loading mixer etc. Various products realize one-stop selection, one machine with multiple functions and quick change attachments, effectively improve working efficiency and meets the demand of different working conditions. With easy operation and low fuel consumption features, they become indispensable labor-saving multifunctional products.

Luyu actively optimizes production processes, upgrades technology and promotes digital intelligent manufacture.In 2020, Luyu successfully signed Framework Agreement with China Agricultural University about Tripartite cooperation and established scientific research bases with a number of universities to jointly develop and share technical achievements.Based on strategy development plan for next 5years, Luyu invested a lot on intelligent manufacturing projects.Now the intelligent assembly system, hoisting system and coating line have already been finished.With the new automatic lines, the designed capacity is 5 minutes one machine which means over 100 units one day in each production line. The production efficiency will be highly improved to two or three times than traditional lines. Current scale of production will support the global development strategy of Luyu in the next five years. Luyu will complete the plan of construction of global intelligent manufacturing center, marketing center and R&D center step by step in the near future.These new intelligent production lines will meet the demands of global market expansion in the future.

Luyu Heavy Industry focus on customer service which has owned more than 1000 sales network and after-sales service stations around the world, which help realize its end to end sales mode. Quick after-sales service can respond and solve problems for users. Currently LuYu products cover more than 100 countries and regions. LuYu win good reputation from customers at home and abroad with good technology and premium quality. LuYu emphasis on user feedback, adhere to brand development strategy, and has become an influential leader in this field. With the customers’ recognition overseas, small construction machinery win a broader market globally, we are looking forward to have more feedback about our products to make it better and help more users get rich. Let us work together to make win-win situation towards a better future.

Welcome to Luyu Heavy Industry.

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